Deployment Pipeline Practices:

- Infrastructure-as-code w/ Terraform

- Configuration Management w/ Ansible

- Orchestration w/ Kubernetes

- Auto-scaling

DevOps as a Service

You focus your core business, 

we become your team member and

accelerate your DevOps journey

Moving to Cloud



Performance practices:

- Creating base for functional tests w/ cucumber, Selenium, ruby

- Auto-provisioning environment

Modernizing your Legacy Applications:

- Pipeline-as-code

- Deployment Automation

- Zero-downtime deployment

Handover & mentoring your team

Infrastructure Management

DevSecOps practices:

- Creating base for automated tests w/ jmeter

- Auto-provisioning environment

- Code-level security tests

- OWASP level security checks

- Automated penetration checks

Functional test practices:

- Dockerize your applications

- Conversion to stateless

- Configuration automation

- Secret Management 

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İbrahim Bakış / CTO

"We worked with kloia consultants to accelerate the startup by solving the bottlenecks and widening our vision towards DevOps"

What clients say

"We have benefited from kloia’s know-how on AWS and Docker during our DevOps journey which is still progressing..."

Mehmet Sinan Toktay / CTO



We believe that DevOps should not be a separate team or position. We will be injecting your DevOps needs into your Software Lifecycle and your current Development Team will handover the process

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